About Us


‘A Shop with a Story’ is a social entrepreneur’s collective store initiated by ChangeFusion Nepal keeping afloat the spirit of for ‘People, Planet and Profit’. ChangeFusion Nepal has been working on the field of social entrepreneurship since 2008 and has come across hundreds of social ventures over the period till date. These ventures hidden across the rough landscapes of Nepal have authentic and quality products with greater scope of scalability. Yet, social entrepreneurs are often at the rear in the market and their fate rests in the hands of middlemen who deprive them of their identity and worth. Their chances of vulnerability thus increases and some ventures perish while others struggle for sustainability amidst the county’s serrated economy.

Thus, the aim of ChangeFusion Nepal thus, has been to groom and mentor such veiled social entrepreneurs and help them rediscover their initiatives by creating their distinct brand and identity locally and globally. Moreover, we work on building the 3Cs (Confidence, Communications and Connections) of the social entrepreneurs as these are important components which ensure their overall personality and product development ensuring the venture’s sustainability in the long run.

     Confidence: In course of time, entrepreneurs build confidence from several transactions of words and business with customers. We have held different events and workshop sessions to share products render direct meetings between producers and customers and exponentially unite social entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds in Nepal.

  Communications: We encourage entrepreneurs to enhance their interpersonal communication skills. Our motive is to make them abled in dealing with their clienteles, colleagues, with other parties and stakeholders.

            Connections: We help them to facilitate networking and build connections by organizing meeting with different stakeholders, probable collaborators and media.

 ‘A Shop with a Story’ thus, entails much more than meets the eye and the social entrepreneurs have their own distinct stories of their ventures and products to narrate. The beauty lies in the tales of how each product showcased qualifies the mark of quality and precision and celebrates the skills and talent of the hardworking social entrepreneur’s who go beyond their profit motive seeking for collective welfare.

 ‘Products at its bests with assured quality and authenticity at reasonable rates’ – A social entrepreneur’s collective

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